Blogging Essentials

Blogging Essentials

What do you need to be a successful blogger? One tip is don’t get stressed through the process! Be happy! (Follow my happy Instagram account @char_happiness)  Just to let you know (a little blog secret) get a really cute notebook and other cute supplies to keep you motivated. I know what it’s like to be stressed (you do too) and get stuck in “Staples” in the pen aisle. Good times! No one said I was a successful blogger yet but, I think successful bloggers need these essentials.

I have seven exhilarating essentials. My essentials are, Starbucks coffee (if I have the time), a striped Carolina Pad-Studio C, Cute & Cuddly kitten folder, bright Yummy Yummy Scented pens, my Ray-Ban black prescription glasses, Polar Ice Extra stick gum (for when I need a minty taste in my mouth), and Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balm (my lips get chapped during this process). Finally, my Mac Book Pro, 13 inch Retina display. These essentials make my life easier and more motivating! If you want to buy any of these essentials, the links will be below.

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