Happy Cappuccino day!

What’s better than spending your Sunday afternoon reading blogs? Once in a while i’ll sit by a warm, cozy, fire and read a bunch of girly blogs. When I do my homework during the school week, all I want to do is stop what I’m doing write a blog or two, edit it, and when i’m at school say “I had better things to do, I thought you would of been happy, my grammar was not a horror.” I always think about celebrities, they wake up in their nice house, get breakfast, go to Starbucks, meet fans, act, and be with friends. How does that sound? To me, amazing!

Happy National Cappuccino Day! Whaho, I love cappuccino! Below is going to be a link for making your own…  Enjoy it, live it, and love it! Today i’m in New York City. It’s the place to be. When I’m older, I want to live there. What do you think when you hear “New York City?” (Comment below.) When I hear those beautiful words, I think food, fashion, and fun. Where have I heard that? Oh yeah, my blog! It’s A Girl’s Life, Food, Fashion, and Fun.  If you ever can, tell a friend or two about my blog, spread the word. Someday I want to be that blog that my favorite store “Lester’s” will say “this is a very good blog, we should ask her to let us sponsor her.”




XOXO, CharlottePngMedium-glossy-heart-8757

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4 thoughts on “Happy Cappuccino day!”

  1. The place wherei live!🕶
    And Broadway because I like to perform!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! And i also like exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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