Happy Thanksgiving


Happy THANKSgiving! I hope your turkey is ok, let’s hope he does not fly away! Haha… Jokes…. Are cool…..

So, let me explain how this blog works, first you have my blog in english, then you have my blog in Gobble. Just in the nick of time for my girl Trish the Turkey to kick off THANKSgiving.

You ask “why do I type THANKSgiving like this (THANKSgiving)? I’m typing it like that because it helps you understand the holiday THANKSgiving, giving THANKS. Duh! Today I want you to help someone out, (moms, dads, neighbor.)

Also when you’re hanging out with friends or family, ask them to say what their THANKful for.

What are some of your THANKSgiving traditions/recipes? (Comment below)

Some of my favorites are talking with people about what their THANKful for. It’s always so interesting to see what they say (in a good way.) Also I love all the different desserts! From walnuts to pumpkin, thats a big range!

Some Fabu recipes are LINKED down below these words…




Gobble: Is a form of communicating made by turkeys (the animal)

Gobble, goobble, gubble, gabble. Gobble, goobble, gubble, gabble.

Gobble, goobble, gubble, gabble. Gobble, goobble, gubble, gabble.

Gobble, gobble, gobble. Gubble, OOLULULU, Gabble!!!!!!!!!

Wabble, gobble gabble, OOLULULU, gubble.

Gooble goobal oooooo……

Aaaah turk gobble, gooball, gubble.

Wabble, gobble gabble, OOLULULU, gubble.


TgTg, CharlottePngMedium-glossy-heart-8757

(TgTg: THANKSgiving, THANKSgiving)



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