Messy Bun Perfection

Hey guys! Hows your week been? Mine was a little cray, but efficient and ovisly happy. Can’t go a week without happiness #girlblogger #happiness! Oh and BTW, follow @itzagirlzlifeblog on Instagram, full of food, fashion, and fun, (also blogging updates! Maybe secrets too?!) Edit my pics on Aviary, and Visco. If you don’t know what those are, comment below. I will get back to you soon! Staying in touch with my fav girls!

So, messy buns. My new all time fav hair style. It’s so easy and it gives you a sporty, cute, fashionable, look! Hey, I’m always looking for new hairstyles. There will be a video below showing you how to do a messy bun, if you need some help. Basically, put your hair up when you do a really high bun, then pull your hair down into a low pony and twirl your hair around, put a hair ban around that. I’m not totally sure if that made total sense, so (as said above) there will be a video.

Here are some great, fashionable, girls with messy buns. You can style this, casual or more dressy. We are the new americanas, stay confident, and always push to the left because a bam might be coming. Remember to wake up in the morning lean and dabb.






Charlotte Jane

Fab people (song credits):

Demi Lovato

iHeart memphis


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