Girly Giveaway?

Hey guys! I want to give a shoutout to my school and myself! Thank you, friends and girls, from my school for subscribing to my blog!! You guys made my day. Seriously!

Guess what!!!! I’M DOING A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!! My 50th blog, email subscriber get’s a prize.

  • You can win a bath bomb (from Lush)
  • A big lotion from Bath and Body Works
  • A big perfume from Bath and Body Works
  • And a Yankee Candle Fragrant Spheres

I’ll email you if you’re the winner to explain what you win, and talk a little.

I’m pupmed, it’s been a great blog year so far! Get excited Giveaway coming!

You just need to be email subscribed, there’s directions below!

Please subscribe by going to the right (on my page) there should be a box that says follow blog via email. Put your email in there, and you won’t miss a thing!

Check your email after subscribing to confirm subscription!

Almost forgot, get your friends to subscribe! Thanks


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4 thoughts on “Girly Giveaway?

  1. Hey Charlotte!~
    I am Liliana Parsons from 5th Grade at HB. I am so excited for your giveaway and I hope I win! I would just like to say that your blog posts are so inspiring and fun to read! Just wanted to let you know! See ya!
    –Liliana Parsons

    1. Radhika, I’m sorry- you did not win this giveaway. But, there will be more- (hint hint 100 email subscribers. Look forward to new blogs coming soon! See you tomorrow! πŸ˜„πŸ”œπŸ“±

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