Tips and Trick and Pogo Sticks

Number one don’t go pogoing down a hill.
Number two, if you pogo stick,
Your pretty cool!
And so on
Rules are over rated,
Advice is better,
Mom and dad hear about this (pogo stick talent)
Horrible, if that was a test,
It’s a big fat,
Are you new at pogo sticking, this is a perfect place to start,
One of my favorites,
(Drum roll please)
The directions that came with the pogo stick.
Read the directions once,
Then go and learn off of YouTube,
And if your still stuck, call a friend.
But never,
Go ask your parents for help!
They’re a big NO NO!
If they hear about your new favorite thing to do,
They’ll eathier say “Charlotte it’s too dangerous, please get off now.”
“Charlotte, smile, it’s for Facebook sweetie.
I want to tell the world.”

Whatever rules you pogo by, you got to first understand “don’t go pogo sticking down a hill.”

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