DIY Cozy Corner

Today is a perfect day to crawl into bed and sleep all day. What if  I told you there was another bed thing in a corner of your room that was very comfy.  Well it’s not exactly there right now but, it will be. This thing is called a Cozy Corner, not it’s not the cleaning room at camp or the ice cream place in NH. I love Bobby Sue’s, but this is a little bit better.

So here is a list of supplies you will need to make the greatest Cozy Corner.

Two big square pillows

A corner in your room

Three to four blankets

A boy friend pillow

A Yogibo

Next, after you collect all those things, put them in your room.


Find a blank corner in your room


Put the Yogibo in the corner, lay the Yogibo against the wall


Put one, big, square pillow against one side of the corner on the wall


Put the other big, square pillow against the other side corner of the wall


Place the boy friend pillow on top of the Yogibo against the wall


Fold the blankets nicely


Stack the blankets on top of each other


Put the stack of blankets on the Yogibo at the end of it.


After all of that, you have a cozy corner. They are so fun to lounge on! Sometimes I type new blog post on them. The Cozy Corner also just makes your room feel so more comfy, and casual. The Cozy Corner will be great for the winter!! Email me a picture of your Cozy Corner, and whoever is the best I’ll feature them on my Instagram. #contest 🙂

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Have  a great weekend! Love ya!

It’s A Girl’s Life

Charlotte Jane

*Shoutout to Eliza, May, and Tyler!! I remembered 🙂


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