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Have you seen any snow outside your window yet? I have, and that means winter. Winter means cold, and cold means I need some essentials to stay warm.

Here are some of my favorite winter cozy essentials:

1. A fire. Fires keep you nice and toasty, just sit next to one of them and relax. They are also great Instagram backgrounds, try it one time and tag me in the photo (Itsagirlslife).

2. Reading a good book or series. I actually just got a book called “Confessions Of A Shopaholic”. It looks really good, and I’d love to read it next to a warm fire or cozy at night in bed.

3. Coffee or tea. At night I love Sleepy Time tea with honey, and during the day I like raspberry tea. Also, I love Starbucks Latte (decaf) with Stevia in it. It’s so good, I’m getting it a lot lately!

4. Cabin cozy socks. I found these with my friend at Dicks and they have been on my feet every day since. They have many cute patterns and are so fuzzy in the inside.

5. Netflix. Netflix and chill all winter long. Watch your favorite movies and shows, when your stuck home. My favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Glee, and the movie LOL. Those are all really funny and they are great with popcorn.

As you might known, Cleveland gets very cold for the winter and you need some encouragement to get out of bed on a Sunday morning. I will list some of my favorite encouraging thoughts I have on a Sunday morning to get out of bed below.

  • If I get out of my bed, I can make some really good pancakes to eat.
  • If I get out of bed, I can watch Netflix and get a cup of coffee.
  • If I get out of bed, I can get that really comfy sweatshirt on.
  • If I get out of bed, I can upload that really good new blog.
  • If I get out of bed, I can finish my online shopping.
  • If I get out of bed, I can write my 2016 present wishlist (that blog is coming soon)

Now I got you covered with essentials to get and motivational thoughts and plans to do over the winter. Please share my blog with your friends, and comment below any requested topics I should write about. Happy holidays and let’s wish for a good, fun, winter.

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    1. Hey Ela and Lucia! You guys r soo fun😊 Glee is an all time favorite and thank you so much! I love to write and this (my blog) is a good way to show that! Have a good Sunday

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