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Restore Cold Press is my first CCS for girls (Cleveland City Spotlight for girls). Read more about what CCS for girls is right here. I visited Restore for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was delicious 🙂

Here are some pictures from my trip to Restore:

Here is the menu:


Here is the special coffee menu:


When I was there, I got “The Good Stuff” with strawberry, banana, and granola. You pick 3 things to put on top, anything from this list: Peanut Butter | Granola | Coconut Flakes | Banana | Strawberry| Blueberry | Chia Seeds | Flaxseed.

I also got one of the Cold Press custom juices. It had cranberry, apples, and limes. The different custom juices vary, you’ll just have to check it out in stores. I loved the juice. It was sweet and very refreshing.

There is a Restore Cold Press in Canton OH, Cleveland OH, Hudson OH, and a new location in New Jersey. It has expanded into its own little (or not so little anymore) company

I think the reason why I love Restore, is because of their mission. Their mission is to make these different drinks, smoothies, and snacks that have the highest quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. I could go anywhere for a juice or a smoothie, but you can’t always get a 100 percent natural one. They are special for that and I love how it proves that something can be healthy but very good at the same time.

Have a good MLK day, I’ll be at a photography class, hopefully, I’ll learn to take some better Instagrams 😉


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