How to take a good picture with an iPhone


If you follow me on Instagram (@itsagirlslife), something you should know is I take all my pictures with my iPhone 6. Ya, I know, great pictures with an iPhone. Down below are some of my all-time favorite secrets.

Recommended essentials:

iPhone 6 or up

VSCO Cam – app

Aviary photo editing – app

Now that you have all the essentials, let’s get the photo set up. This is an easier way to take quality pictures with a lot less hassle. So let us get started!

How to take the photo:

  1. Open camera app on phone
  2. Turn flash on
  3. Turn timer on if your going to be in picture and you have no one to take it
  4. Prop up phone
  5. Don’t mess with the room’s lighting
  6. Take the picture with an item or just your own self
  7. Download the app VSCO Cam
  8. Open VSCO Cam and make an account
  9. Select your photo and start to put a filter on them
  10. Save your picture to your camera roll
  11. Download the app Aviary (photo editing)
  12. Open Aviary
  13. Select your picture
  14. Start to enhance, lighten, blur your photo
  15. Save your photo to camera roll
  16. Then you’re set, to upload it to Instagram or any social media

🙂 You’ve just learned to make a photo look like it was taken on a nice camera, an example is basically my whole Instagram feed! Check it out, @itsagirlslifeblog

Hope you had a great weekend,

get organized for the week,

finish all your work

live life happy!


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