5 Sleepy Tips

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Do you ever have problems sleeping at night, feeling like the sheep aren’t being counted? Well, I have some of the best Sleepy Tips, so that won’t be a problem anymore. Honestly, I am kind of tired right now, maybe I’ll take a ssssssnnnnnooooozzzzzzeeeee!

Step one: 30 minutes before going to bed, turn your fan on or turn the air on. So when the fan is on, running for time before bed, you get chilly, and then you want to snuggle under the covers. This will motivate you to get cozy and warm in bed.

Step two: Turn off your phones and computers, I am so bad at this!! A lot of the times, right before I go to bed, I check my phone. One year, I will make a  New Year’s resolution not to do this anymore! Research shows that people are more tired, and sleepy before they go to bed if they don’t look at their phones.

Step three: Read before bed, reading is a life saver! I’ve been reading before bed for the last two weeks and it works so dang well! Get a good book, turn on the book light, and start reading. Now you can finally get through some of the books you have always wanted to finish. Just read till you eyes start to shut and you can’t see the page anymore. That’s what I do, and I don’t wake up till my alarm clock every time 🙂

Step 3.5: If none of this works and you just can’t fall asleep one night, try really hard to not look at the clock. Also, don’t think there is something wrong with you because (most of the time) there is not. It happens to everyone and you just need to calm down, take some deep breaths, and watch a light and funny show.

Step four: Watch a very light show, a show that has nothing scary or sad thing about it. I know this rule is interfering with step two, but if you need to sometimes you should watch tv. Some good things to watch are shows on the Cooking channel, or Last Man Standing. I’ve seen all the episodes and none of them are that sad or depressing. Put it on for awhile and you will notice that you start to shut your eyes, everything is turning black… Yawn…. That’s a good thing, put your iPad or Computer down and get comfy for a long rest.

Step five: Drink a cold glass of water before bed, this is just a good thing for you to do before bed. It helps you stay hydrated and away from winter sicknesses. Hot tea (HERBAL) is also good before bed to hydrate you and warm you up. I tend to switch between cold water and hot tea before bed, I just drink whatever I’m feeling like that day.

To read some more tips, visit this: http://m.wikihow.com/Fall-Asleep it’s a great resource! Hopefully just reading this makes you tired! Also getting lots of sleep is very good and helps you feel more rested and present in the next day. If you can’t get enough sleep one night, it’s fine, being tired at school is not too bad. Here is also a link to a Apple Music Playlist for Spa, bedtime music that you can listen to before getting in bed: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spa-music-music-for-relaxation-meditation-music-masssage/id1081253199

Hopefully, all these tips will help you have a wonderful sleep, because who does not like to sleep? It is my favorite part of the day!!


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