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Are you ever hungry for a quick, and energizing snack? Or, do you ever feel sad, put down, or worried? Well, I have the perfect plan for you! Today I will be sharing one of my favorite, easy, yummy, and healthy recipes to make popcorn. I eat this all the time (no, I am not sad all the time, I just really love it)! This recipe is so dang healthy and delicious it’s almost ironic. You might remember I have written about popcorn in the past. On that post, there is a bunch of my favorite recipes, but TODAY I am only sharing with you the original.



  1. Fresh, GMO, organic popcorn kernels
  2. Canola oil
  3. ¼ cup
  4. Salt
  5. Butter
  6. Knife
  7. Small pot
  8. Stove top
  9. Small bowl
  10. Medium bowl
  11. Microwave



  1. Take out medium size pot
  2. Heat pot on high
  3. Pour a nice, thin, layer of canola oil to fill the bottom of the pot
  4. Measure three quarters of the way of ¼ cup of kernels
  5. Pour kernels in pot
  6. Put a top over kernels
  7. Let it pop till you stop hearing the popping noise
  8. Get a medium bowl
  9. Pour popped corn into the bowl
  10. Get another small bowl
  11. Fill bowl with a little sliver of butter
  12. Put bowl of butter in microwave (10 seconds)
  13. Pour butter over popcorn (listen to the sizzle)
  14. Grab a pinch of salt
  15. Put salt on popped corn
  16. Lightly shake the bowl of popcorn (to mix everything around)
  17. Turn on some TV or work 🙁 and Bon Appétit (YUM)


So yummy, and so much better than the microwavable bags (that can give you cancer) of popcorn. I used to have the microwavable bags all the time till now, I discovered the amazing, healthy, no chemicals added, popcorn! I am in a phase where I love finding new healthy, really tasty foods. If you can’t tell, I love food. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and it is the most important meal of the day!


My daily motto: “Live life happy”

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