The Scrolling Solution

I confess, I have been doing a lot of mindless scrolling on IG and TikTok instead of doing what I love (creating + sharing content that’s JUST FOR YOU). Let’s be real.

This week has been STRESSFUL and wack, with academics, extended election process, anyone else took the SAT today?!

Have you been feeling yourself become more lenient with your time spent scrolling on social media? I have! My time spent on IG and TikTok increased by 14 percent this week (yes I have screen time!)

Want a solution to stop the scroll by instead doing something that will actually leave you feeling like you’ve had an effective break?

⭐️ Solution ⭐️

When you find yourself scrolling, stop, become present by realizing your scrolling, force yourself to swipe out of the app and do something you love.

Literally, do anything that will leave you feeling fulfilled, energizing, and then get ready to get back into work.

Maybe it’s playing your fav sport, walk, yoga, etc.), listen to a podcast, read, create content (if you’re like me). Just something that will boost your mood, stop you from wasting your time on the screen, and leave YOU feeling happy.

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