Meet laurthrifts

✰ Lauren is a teen entrepreneur who started her own thrifting business.  “I’m your average teenager in high school. I’ve lived in about 5 states and I’m very talkative! I love running my small business and getting to meet new people! ” – Lauren

✰ Everyone struggles at some point with tackling a new life experience. To read about Lauren’s hardest challenge with starting her business, swipe right once! 

✰ Can we all agree that sometimes it can be very hard to stay motivated? Lauren shares her best tips and even though she is specifically talking about content creation, it applies to everyday life! Swipe right twice. 

✰ Her favorite quote is “You’ve survived 100% of your bad days. It seems very straightforward and obvious but sometimes I forget that a bad day doesn’t make a bad life and that there’s so much future ahead.” She also loves “what some people take for granted, others are fighting for. This is a great reminder that we only live once and that sometimes we just have to look around us and be thankful for what we’ve been given.”

✰ Keep swiping for tips if you are a teen trying to make a difference or want to build your community! 

✰ Make sure to follow @laurthirfts today and keep up with her work as she grows her business! Have any questions for her? Comment them below 🙂

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