🌟Somethings you may not know🌟

-1- I’m a seventeen year old (Junior in high school) girl that loves to inspire others teens to realize their worth and all opportunities they have (at their finger tips!!) to make a difference.

-2- I love listening to success stories (like @howibuiltthisnpr and the success stories with @kindrahall podcast) because I love hearing about how people’s ‘failures’ fuel their later successes.

-3- I support others but sometimes struggle to give myself the same grace. Really it can be hard to do so sometimes!

-4- I am understanding of others but sometimes too strict with myself, imposing unnecessary pressures, and I find it annoying sometimes that I do that 🙂

-5- I have a 5 year plan just because I love dreaming about my future and what’s in store. Fun fact I’m actually really excited for college because I get to study what I want to do in life and get closer to creating the future I want.

That’s just a little bit about me 🙂 Comment down below if you can relate! I would love to hear from you💫

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