Meet ArtsyoU

🌿 ArtsyoU brings personalized, online classes to YOU. You can choose from various options in art, dance, music, fitness, or theater, and they will help you customize a class structure that fits your wants and lifestyle. “You dream it, they can make it happen!”

🌿 This was a great program if you’re learning a new skill and want to get the basics down, plus it can all be done in your home!

🌿 With ArtsyoU, I created my own yoga class with a personalized focus on teenage life. The instructor taught me the best times to meditate, breathing techniques to do before tests, and essential stretches to relieve stress.

🌿 Keep swiping to see what the instructor taught me about how different uses of breathwork and stretching can increase focus, decrease stress, solve test anxiety, and help you and other teens live a more present life!

🌿 Learn more by following @fairmountcenter and signing up for your personalized class today.

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