Let’s Normalize…

Dear 2021,

We need to talk.

We all go through many things, many of which are struggles, yet MOST of the time we never actually talk about it with friends or family.

It’s scary, it can be uncomfy, and the worst is that we think, “what if no one else can relate?”

I think we can agree, at some point in our lives, we have questioned if we were the “only” ones. I for sure have done this a lot!

When we do this, we isolate ourselves; we convince ourselves that we are abnormal.

This year I realized something comforting. “If I am feeling it, I bet there are a lot of others feeling the same way.”

This goes for you too! But to actually convince ourselves that we aren’t the only ones, I think we need to talk about it with those you care about.

I bet you will find more than one person who feels the same way. Then you will realize it really is normal, and you aren’t actually alone 🙂

So, 2021, what do you think? Should we normalize this?

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