Meet @empowerherfuture!

✰ Marie-Nicole and Madeline are the two co-founders from CA, who have created Empower HerFuture and run the Instagram account @empowerherfuture. Fun fact, both co-founders “work full time and run this organization in our spare time. It’s a lot of work on top of a busy workday but so worth it!”           

✰ Empower HerFuture offers “free, skills-based learning workshops for middle school and high school-aged women ranging from public speaking to networking.”

✰ For inspiration, they love to “follow several inspiring women such as AOC and Malala that we look up to, as women who are changing the world!”

✰ The co-founders love “creating connections with young women” to help them get ideas for new workshops that will best benefit their audience (us, teens)!

✰ Keep swiping for their hardest challenges and tips for teens trying to make a difference or wanting to build a community!

✰ Make sure to keep up with all of the workshops, virtual events, and inspirational work by following @empowerherfuture today. Feel free to share their page so we can help them grow their audience too:)

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