Meet @nadiaknows_!

Meet @nadiaknows_!
✰ Nadia is the founder and creator of Nadia Knows Blog and Youtube and runs the Instagram account @nadiaknows_.

✰ She is “super passionate about baking and photography, and I get to combine all three of these things with my blog-!”

✰ For inspiration, Nadia loves “following and keeping up with fellow teen bloggers.” It really inspires her, because “sometimes it feels like I’m all alone with my passion! Reading their blogs and seeing all the work they put into them is super cool.”

✰ She is truly inspired and motivated by her “personal love for what I do. I never feel forced or reluctant to work on my blog, and if I do, I know it’s time for a break :)”

✰ Keep swiping for Nadia’s hardest challenges, her go-to quote for inspiration, and tips for teens trying to make a difference or wanting to build a community!

✰ Make sure to keep up with all of her work by following @nadiaknows_ today. Feel free to “try out my recipes and leave me reviews/feedback! This helps me know what to make more or less of, and make more content that you like! Even just liking my posts goes a long way and means way more than you think.”

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