Questions We Ask Ourselves That Prohibits Progress

Whether you want to create a morning routine, start a Youtube Channel, build a new habit, start a podcast, or begin living a more stress-free life, you may find yourself questioning any of the above before taking action.  

In a weird way, you’re procrastinating the act of taking action, and it’s not benefiting yourself. 💡 moment, anyone else?!

When this happens, it’s important to:

A) REALIZE that you are doing this
B) STOP as soon as you can
C) SET the timer for 15 minutes, put on your favorite music or motivational podcast, and just start. Don’t overthink. Don’t question. And definitely don’t start planning…

If you do this too, hey girl! Join the club because I tend to do this ALL the time 🙂

⭐ In addition to questioning, there are many different forms of the same ‘procrastination.’

After the right side of my brain stops interrogating the left, I make long to-do lists, over plan the future, and add a bunch of details wherever possible:)

👩‍💻Comment below if you relate!

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