The Scrolling Solution

I confess, I have been doing a lot of mindless scrolling on IG and TikTok instead of doing what I love (creating + sharing content that's JUST FOR YOU). Let's be real. This week has been STRESSFUL and wack, with academics, extended election process, anyone else took the SAT today?! Have you been feeling yourself become more lenient with your time spent scrolling on social media? I have! My time spent on IG and TikTok [...]

5+ Homework Help Websites

School is tough - but don’t let it take over! Need help gaining control?  Below are resources (per subject) that can support you by helping you gain clarity and understanding.  Math ☑ Khan Academy. @khanacademy  ☑ Organic Chemistry Tutor. He actually does a lot of helpful math videos 🙂 English ☑ Course Hero Literary Analysis videos. @coursehero makes their own videos about common books you read in English. They are super helpful to check before [...]

Let’s Talk about Mindset

★ Let's talk about mindset ★ Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or feeling like you're struggling to catch up?   ★ A few weeks ago, I attended Sindy Warren's (@bluetree_coaching) overwhelmed solution class since school has been very overwhelming, and I kept feeling 'like I was' behind.  ★Below is a list of statements/thoughts that I found really grounding and helpful when dealing with these common feelings. I hope they can help you too! Comment below [...]

5 Easy Steps for Creating Your Own Club

Do you want to start your own club at school or with a group of friends? Here are some actionable and manageable steps to take towards your goal. Brainstorm 2-3 possible ideas. Share these with your friends to gage general interest. Talk to a teacher at your school to let them know about the club you want to startFill out necessary paperwork/application to make it officialCreate a small marketing plan to share with friends and classmates so [...]

7 Easy Steps for Preparing A Public Speech

Are you running for a leadership role at your school or completing an oral presentation for class? Here are some actionable and manageable steps to take towards your goal. Research topic and / brainstorm main speaking pointsSet a time where you won’t be distracted to sit down and write a first draftRead your draft out loud and make any necessary changesFind a fried/family member to listen to you and give feedback, make any necessary changesRecord a [...]