3 Mindset Shifts + Tips for A Successful Semester

⏰ Meet with your teachers! It will help you + it will make them want to help you more in the future. ⏰ Be ok with not understanding whatever you learned right after class. Sometimes this makes me anxious and it doesn’t have to! Take the evening to go over it slowly and write down any questions to ask your teacher/a friend tomorrow! ⏰Be ok with not doing as well as you would like on [...]

Meet @empowerherfuture!

✰ Marie-Nicole and Madeline are the two co-founders from CA, who have created Empower HerFuture and run the Instagram account @empowerherfuture. Fun fact, both co-founders “work full time and run this organization in our spare time. It’s a lot of work on top of a busy workday but so worth it!”            ✰ Empower HerFuture offers “free, skills-based learning workshops for middle school and high school-aged women ranging from public speaking to networking.” ✰ For inspiration, they [...]

Meet ArtsyoU

🌿 ArtsyoU brings personalized, online classes to YOU. You can choose from various options in art, dance, music, fitness, or theater, and they will help you customize a class structure that fits your wants and lifestyle. “You dream it, they can make it happen!” 🌿 This was a great program if you're learning a new skill and want to get the basics down, plus it can all be done in your home! 🌿 With ArtsyoU, [...]

POV: Confidence

Confidence is a funny thing. We all want to feel it, but usually, we don't get too excited when we learn that confidence comes with doing something scary and seeing you did it. That you survived whatever it was that made you feel super nervous before (like making a presentation for school!) The true way to become/feel confident is not by telling yourself in the mirror, today I will be confident, but it is pushing [...]

Meet @business.casual.podcast

✰ Stacey and Marianna are two sisters from Toronto, Ontario, who have created The Business Casual and run the Instagram account @business.casual.podcast. Fun fact, they both “like to travel and love listening to Noah Kahan, AJR, and Wallows.” ✰ On The Business Casual, “we aim to help future female leaders grow both personally and professionally.” Every week they post interviews with “different female trailblazers in different industries. Our guests share their advice, tips for entering their [...]