8pm Sun 

The 8pm sun is like no other It changes depending on the season During fall, it's down to earth During winter, the sun is not exactly in the sky, but somewhere I bet people are enjoying it During spring, the sun is trying really hard to stay high in the sky, but fails Finally during summer, it's above eye level The 8pm sun is unique.

Spring Break Essentials, Hacks, and More! 

Hey guys, it’s spring break! Comment below what your doing for break. I’m going to Mexico, so I need to pack swim suits, dresses, rompers, and more! Wherever you’re going affects what you pack. That’s why I’m here, i’ll be your idea popper and tell you ideas of what to pack if you’re going to the beach.  For example, your carry-on should be filled with activities to do on the plane ride. Also a device [...]

March Madness

Hey guys! Not to break your heart, but this blog is not about basketball. I do like basketball March Madness, too, though! March is a pretty busy month. For me I got all my friends and brothers’ birthdays, but for you, you got spring, spring break, warmer weather, and so on... But today you will be hearing all about what you got to do to get ready for spring and ideas for spring. Let's get [...]

But First Let Me Take A Selfie

Have you ever taken a selfie? Do you know what a selfie is? Well, read this blog and you'll know all about selfies. Also if you want you can watch my newest YouTube video, the link is here! 🙀 If you have any selfie questions, please comment below! ⬇️⬇️ So, what's a selfie? A selfie is a picture (of yourself) using your front camera. BTW it cannot be taken with the back camera!!!!!!! Your selfies [...]

Valentines Day <3

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you know that the colors pink, white, and red have meaning? My dad told me about this and it’s really interesting. I found this info right here. Pink means: Appreciation White means: A new start, quiet beauty Red means: Love and romance Are you stuck on what presents you should buy for your relatives, boyfriends, dads, or moms? Well its perfect timing right now… I have a helpful list for you in this blog. Read [...]