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Charlotte started making her mark in the Cleveland community when she was 11 years old. That year, Charlotte was a “tween” that was managing the ups and downs of middle school and decided that she had to have an outlet activity that she could go to and have fun with. Since she always loved to write, she quickly realized that she aspired to help others, that was when she thought there was no better way than to start writing a blog for teenage girls. She knew to be a blogger was a growing field, so she decided to hop on the quickly growing trend. Starting off by writing a monthly blog post, she developed her tagline, Food, Fashion, Fun for girls. These were her interests and an opportunity to help other teenage girls by sharing tips from the latest fashion trends to how to make the best hot cocoa. As she grows up and continues to write, she writes about and adapts her blog to the latest trends, such as wellness, self-growth, and leadership. Always curious about learning about how to live your best life or the benefits of reflection, Charlotte quickly falls in love with these topics, and she can’t wait to share her new interests with her readers.

That same year, she co-created a non-profit event, called GET GRITTY Cleveland, in 2018. “I felt there was a need for people my age to start learning about the importance of a growth mindset, resilience, grit, and finding a supportive team. Being a teen in today’s environment is tough with the huge social media influence, all the instant technology, and the pressure of being perfect at everything. I truly believe taking a day to learn about how you can be a better version of yourself, and how to use key skills to grow and lead can really make a difference.” She is so excited to announce that year’s success. There was a total of 115 girls who attended. In 2019, she was continuing her event and was striving to double the number of attendees from 2018. Each year, Charlotte worked with the head of the GRACEDBYGRIT Foundation, to make this event an inspiration. 

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