Meet Charlotte

Hey girl! I’m Charlotte, and I am a teenage blogger who loves helping others by sharing advice from the top fashion trends to the best breakfast recipes and ways to calm your mind. Anything that falls into the lines of living a happy and healthy life (and mind) is included on this site. Every time I post on this blog, I learn something new about myself. I hope you choose to join me on this journey, of a real girl, living a real life.

Before you subscribe, I want you to read this quote: “If at first don’t succeed, jump back up, brush off your shoulders, and start thinking about plan b.” Now read it once more. Make sure to come back to it when you need a little motivational push.

Don’t leave my site without subscribing, it takes less than five minutes! Click “Subscribe Today” right now. That’s it for now, check back here on the Sunday’s of each month for a new blog post!


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