It’s A Girl’s Life

Glad you're visiting my website today! I started a blog because I wanted to develop real dedication and to take on an opportunity to help other teenage girls where I can could share with them tips from the latest fashion trends, to how to make the best hot cocoa. I am also curious in learning about how to live your best life, how to create in house spas or the pros of self-care and meditation. [...]

Limiting Beliefs Mini Instagram Series

WE ALL HAVE LIMITING BELIEFS. Even if you don't want to say them outloud, doesn't mean you don't have them! Tap on each link to watch the episodes Episodes 1-9: A NEW Mini Series What is this series all about? Limiting Belief #1: He's Out of My League Limiting Belief #2: What If I Say The Wrong Thing Limiting Belief #3: I Need to be Burnt Out to Be Productive Limiting Belief #4: Schedules = [...]

Meet Hannah Ashton

~ This is literally a dream come true. ~ ✰ Meet Hannah Ashton (@misshannahashton) ✰ She is the ultimate content creator, college YouTuber, and entrepreneur behind the Dream Achieve Workbook. ~ Ever since 2018, when I found Hannah’s channel, I knew one day I had to connect with her someway, and finally, I reached out, and she wrote back! I was honestly both thrilled and shocked! ~ ✰ Hannah is not only a college YouTuber [...]