The Scrolling Solution

I confess, I have been doing a lot of mindless scrolling on IG and TikTok instead of doing what I love (creating + sharing content that's JUST FOR YOU). Let's be real. This week has been STRESSFUL and wack, with academics, extended election process, anyone else took the SAT today?! Have you been feeling yourself [...]

5+ Homework Help Websites

School is tough - but don’t let it take over! Need help gaining control?  Below are resources (per subject) that can support you by helping you gain clarity and understanding.  Math ☑ Khan Academy. @khanacademy  ☑ Organic Chemistry Tutor. He actually does a lot of helpful math videos 🙂 English ☑ Course Hero Literary Analysis [...]

Let’s Talk about Mindset

★ Let's talk about mindset ★ Have you been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or feeling like you're struggling to catch up?   ★ A few weeks ago, I attended Sindy Warren's (@bluetree_coaching) overwhelmed solution class since school has been very overwhelming, and I kept feeling 'like I was' behind.  ★Below is a list of statements/thoughts that I [...]

Using Reflection to Transition from Summer to School

Talking time to quiet your surroundings and focus on your thoughts is really important. Especially when we students are transitioning from summer mode to school. Today you will learn why it's important to reflect and the most efficient and effective ways to start. Later, I share two times I reflected this summer, once at the [...]

Podcasts I’m Loving

Hello everyone! It's been way TOO long. Between online school ending, finals, a summer job that started way too soon, it's been a busy time. My sophomore year has come to an end!  I recently discovered how much I love listening to podcasts! There is a podcast for everyone and every subject. Through all the [...]