Hello 2021

It always seems impossible until it's done. This year we had to roll with the punches, deal with uncertainty, and learn how to accept changes that would affect our everyday lives. Really crazy, right? I'm still kind of shocked how all this happened in one year. The same year that was glorified before it even started was the year that universally brought the most challenges. To be honest, I had a totally different post and [...]

Meet thegirlygirlpodcast

✰ Carmen is a 16 year old high school junior who started her own podcast called The Girly Girl Podcast and runs the IG page @thegirlygirlpodcast! Fun fact, Carmen has  “a twin sister and 3 other siblings and the cutest dog name Tilly (she only has one eye)!”  - Carmen  ✰ On her pod she shares her “advice with other teen girls about everything we have to go through during high school!” Every week a [...]

Meet goodnessgracedesigns

✰ Grace is an ambitious 15-year-old small biz owner and artist who runs the Instagram account @goodnessgracedesign where she loves "spreading joy and positivity” in addition to “sharing what I'm passionate about, like mental health” and spreading inspiration - Grace. ✰ She finds being a small business owner and a full-time student to be challenging and I think we can all agree that (at times)  we struggle with time management too! Swipe right once to [...]

Meet laurthrifts

✰ Lauren is a teen entrepreneur who started her own thrifting business.  “I’m your average teenager in high school. I’ve lived in about 5 states and I’m very talkative! I love running my small business and getting to meet new people! ” - Lauren.  ✰ Everyone struggles at some point with tackling a new life experience. To read about Lauren’s hardest challenge with starting her business, swipe right once!  ✰ Can we all agree that [...]