The R.E.A.L Girls Project

Launched in January of 2020

One – One Help + Advice from Charlotte

Charlotte, author of It’s A Girl’s Life, will help you start your own blog or figure out your passion project. Through one to one counseling, you will receive feedback, advice, and tips on getting started.
So far, Charlotte has helped 4 websites launch.
“I love to inform, help, and to inspire!” ~ Charlotte
Reach out to for help starting your blog or passion project.

Want to Join the R.E.A.L Girls Online Community?

The R.E.A.L Girls Online Community stands for Resilient, Empowered, Authentic, Leaders. This online community is for girls who are inspired to create something compelling, unique and new in their communities. It’s a place for us to connect, virtually, to share our experiences, learn from each other, become inspired, celebrate our accomplishments, and support each other. It’s motivating to connect and share with others that are inspired to take risks, create, and try new things. The R.E.A.L Girls Online Community will be where you can go to find a support system and a community for us girls that have amazing ideas and that are driven to do inspirational things. Join me if you’re a teen entrepreneur or you are interested in starting a new business or a passion project. Join me if you want to become inspired or just to learn about what other girls are doing. Let’s connect over projects we care about. We will have open discussions, I will be sharing resources (I hope you will too), fun activities, virtual facilitators, and we can just talk.